Velo Electrical Collection - Joseph Giles

Velo Electrical Collection

The new range of switches, sockets and electrical accessories by Joseph Giles

The Velo Collection seamlessly merges power, beauty, and functionality, drawing inspiration from the velodrome. Crafted with precision from solid brass and featuring a 3mm thick main plate, it showcases sleek lines and flawless finishes.

The design of the Velo Collection embraces the concept of marginal gains, inspired by the success of the British cycling team.

Each element is optimized for performance, from the seamless curved rocker to the tactile toggles and embedded dimmer knob all beautifully tied together with the halo design element, inspired by the sprinter’s lane, evokes a sense of motion and energy

Mounted on a 3mm solid brass plate with honed edges provides a crisp yet softened aesthetic.

With customisable options and matching finishes, Velo empowers you to create a bespoke space that harmoniously blends elegance and control, elevating it to the pinnacle of electrical accessories.


Introducing the Velo Collection

How to specify the new Velo Collection


Our Velo Collection with all codes and details can be found here.  Please note, these products are currently only certified for use in the UK and EU.

For help specifying the new collection on your project, fill in the form on the right and our friendly customer experience team will be in touch to help you select the correct products and guide you through the fun process of customising each element.

If you’d prefer to chat this through on the phone, we’re available on 020 8680 2602