What’s the benefit of specifying Joseph Giles products?

    You can get what you need to fit your design scheme and know that it doesn’t only look right, it also is right for the job – and all the ironmongery package works together. You get the benefit of our expertise and scheduling services to make sure you get exactly the hardware you need.

    What is different about the Joseph Giles experience?

    It’s the winning combination of design, quality, and function of the products, backed by a complete service built on specific expertise and years of experience. The look you want across all components, with the quality you need, within your budget. The right products for the job, all working together, and all working within the whole project.

    Why do I need to register to view your products?

    Joseph Giles are a trade supplier, working with first the project specifiers, and then the contractors. We must respect this process and the hard work of everyone involved by ensuring that the exclusivity of our products are maintained, and that the designs are protected.

More questions?

Questions not answered? Our team of hardware experts are happy to help.

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