The founder's father, Dudley Harwood joins the BBC research team, becoming one of the pioneering minds underpinning the British audio scene of that era.


Cone style speakers invented by Dudley Harwood, revolutionising the music world and enhancing the way we listen to music today. Establishing the JG founding family in the world of innovation.


John Harwood joins The Phillips Group, working on lighting and machine design (including the luminaires for the National Bank of Paris in London) and developing a taste and appreciation for attention to detail.


John Harwood enters the door hardware industry - securing many significant contracts including Windsor Castle and the St Georges redevelopment in Battersea Reach.


Joseph Giles is born, started by John Harwood and named after his two sons Joseph and Giles


A good start! Joseph Giles kick off with a nice order for Kensington Palace refurbishment.


Another good win! Joseph Giles were charged with the refurbishment and replication of period door handles and fittings for Prince Edward's Bagshot manor residence.


Leather door handles. Inspired by an architect, Joseph Giles produce their first range of unique products in the form of a small collection of stainless steel handles with a hand-sown leather grip.


Joseph Giles responds to the emerging minimalist designs trends by launching the CUBE range, a stark contemporary collection of square section handles and complementary fittings


As the minimalistic designs progress a spin off from the CUBE design was born with the introduction of the very architecturally pleasing CUT range - still our 'best seller' today.


Joseph Giles continues to grow and add items to their own ranges. There are many good wins along the way, including commissions for Westminster Central Hall and Lords Cricket Ground.


Decision made around this time to concentrate on the high end residential construction market, the business begins to align themselves to serve this market.


A brand refresh and a new brochure helps establish JG in the high end residential market.


A move to new premises a big help to JG as the business continues to grow.


These are the most progressive years yet with significant growth achieved and a key move with the birth of the in-house R&D team and this new website!

A history of innovation

The founding family has a history of inventing – with many patents and ground-breaking breakthroughs over the past century – combined with precision engineering expertise. Decades of experience in the hardware industry and an enthusiasm for design has carried through to the focussed company of today, where the company culture is embodied by every member of staff.

Our services

Important notice to international buyers and specifiers

Welcome to Joseph Giles, we hope you enjoy browsing our exclusive product lines. At present, all our cabinet handles, sliding door furniture, edge pulls and accessories are suitable for global projects, however, door knobs and lever handles will require compatible locks and latches.

We have designed a solution to this which will be available in the near future, however, in the interim we recommend that you speak with one of our specialists to ensure compatibility prior to making an order.

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