Rota Bearing Sprung Rose - Joseph Giles

The unique Rota-Bearing
Sprung Rose Mechanism.


The Joseph Giles unique rota-bearing sprung rose is a mechanism which is concealed within the rose of a lever handle. The Sprung rose helps to support and control the movement of the lever, allowing for a more precise operation.

Designed and made in Britain.

The Joseph Giles unique rota-bearing sprung rose allows for the seamlessly simplified application of even our heaviest pair of solid brass handles, while the concealed horizontal stop ensures that our lever handles always sit perfectly horizontal. Our unique sprung rose design brings smooth, silent and flawless operation to all Joseph Giles levers.

Flawlessly engineered.

Designed to deliver a flawless performance, the unique rota-bearing sprung rose has been tested to operate for over 200,000 cycles with no wear or deterioration to its function, making it completely maintenance-free for its lifetime.


As our handles are made from solid brass, they are often too heavy for general latch mechanisms. One of the most beautiful things about the unique rota-bearing sprung rose is that it allows even our heaviest pair of levers to sit completely straight and maintain a centrally fixed axis of rotation.

Easier fitting.

The mechanism allows for much easier fitting of our handles on any door that has a pre-existing latch.

Sprung Rose booklet.

We have created a booklet detailing our quest to eliminate ironmongery from the snag-list.
Please view this online, or download as a PDF by clicking here.


July 2015
Initial idea is conceived.

January 2016
The first draft of the sprung rose in completed in January.

October 2016
After 10 months of trying to source materials to make the product overseas, we decide to take a step back and revisit why we began this project.

November 2016
Design review led to us changing the design of the product and deciding to source the materials in the UK.

April 2017
5 months of research and development has been completed.

August 2017
The Sprung rose design is now completed.

May 2018
The Sprung rose mechanism is officially launched to the market and is now available with all of our lever handles, thumb turns and doorknobs.