Our Story - Joseph Giles

Always striving
for perfection.

Our Story.

Joseph Giles was born to enable the imaginations of the worlds most creative architects and interior designers, letting them hear ‘yes’ to their ideas.  


Over the years, we have carefully curated a range of products and services that solve the unique challenges associated with designing and supplying premium quality hardware for architects, interior designers and building contractors. This has ultimately benefitted the homeowners of prime and superprime residences in the UK and around the world.

The result? Fixtures and fittings that look beautiful, feel great to operate, and add significant value to a property.  

We have never given up our pursuit of excellence. While it’s not an easy journey, we believe it’s well worth taking the extra care when you see the smile on the face of a satisfied client.

A Brief History of Joseph Giles

We design, manufacture and supply luxury hardware for exclusive residential construction projects across the globe. We service contractors, architects and interior designers involved in luxury and super-prime properties and developments. 

Unlike other providers in our space, we manufacture a holistic range of products created from only one material, making it easy to find a matching finish across hundreds of items.  

For us, it’s not just about how the products look, it’s also about how they work and feel. After all, they are used every day and are central to our clients’ experience of their homes, so they need to deliver a quality that can be both seen and operated.

Designed in Britain, made in Britain.

Our ethos isn’t about the bottom line. It’s about making the products we love, and making our customers fall in love with them, too.  


We work with the finest craftspeople across the country to deliver exceptional products to our customers. We don’t believe in mass manufacturing; all our products have been carefully created and hand finished by artisans. From solid brass door pulls to lever handles sheathed in hand-stitched bridle leather, every piece we create offers an assurance of quality. In addition, our one-of-a-kind rota bearing sprung rose mechanism ensures precise movement in all our door handles and eliminates slow returns, excess wobble, sluggish operations, and alignment issues.  

We are proud to be recognised as world leaders in our field. Whatever your requirements, we can provide a complete service covering simple orders through to extensive project schedules. Thanks to our strong supplier relationships, good lead times, and meticulous approach to project management, we can promise a tightly secured schedule to anyone who places an order with us.


Partner with Joseph Giles, and we’ll help you make the right choice, every time. You will benefit from expert advice, premium quality products, and a second-to-none scheduling service that makes light work of designing or finding hardware that’s compatible with your doors. We pride ourselves on being efficient, responsive, and receptive to queries – and our reliable track record for deliveries is bound to keep your contractors happy.   

We can also create bespoke solutions in cases where you have a clear idea of what you wish to achieve. Simply provide us with more information on the function of your doors, how it will be used within the interior, and what kind of style or aesthetic you’re searching for, and our talented team will write a complete hardware schedule that includes developing a fresh new concept.


Like all responsible brands, Joseph Giles is committed to reducing waste, enabling the faster and easier recycling of our products, and finding new and exciting ways to offset our carbon emissions on an ongoing basis.  

We have taken steps to update and refine our sustainability policy to reflect the challenges we all face as businesses, individuals, and protectors of our planet. We also chose our working partners for their clear commitment to reducing the impact of their operations on the environment.