The Joseph Giles Experience - Joseph Giles

The Joseph Giles Experience

There is much more to Joseph Giles than just our beautiful products.

Preliminary consultation.

We begin the project process with a consultation to capture your requirements and to scope out the initial design concepts, potential finishes, timeframes and budgets. By involving our specialists at an early stage, we can provide the best solution for you, whether it’s supplying our signature products or designing a completely bespoke product with you. Our comprehensive analysis of the floor plans and consultations with the full project team ensure we have a thorough understanding of all of the requirements. Once the preliminary phase is complete, samples and schedules are drawn up, and the next stage of delivery can begin.

If we are brought on to a project which is nearing completion as a new supplier, you can rely on our team to deliver a solution for you as we are used to working within strict timeframes.

A Joseph Giles team member presenting product to a client

Site visits and project meetings.

Where possible, before a project order is confirmed, we recommend that a member of our team visit the site to undertake a final check and finalise the detailed aspects of the project with the stakeholders to ensure everything runs smoothly for you and your client.

An extension of your team.

We understand the importance of each project and how managing multiple suppliers can at times be challenging, especially under tight schedules. We are committed to each and every client and are available to assist you throughout any stage of the project, and after completion. We encourage our customers to make full use of our expertise and to treat us as an extension of their own team; we are happy to help with any query that may arise.

Detailed hardware schedules.

Whenever we supply products for our customers, we work to the floor plans provided by the architect. As a part of the Joseph Giles experience, we provide detailed hardware schedules which correlate to the original floor plans and are supplied to the client as standard. This document is invaluable for everyone involved as it ensures each door and window type is accounted for, is specified with compatible products, and the chosen finishes match and/or complement each other.

Joseph Giles proposal document

Pictorial hardware schedules.

In addition to the written hardware schedule, we also provide as standard a full pictorial hardware schedule outlining each product, finish, size and the location of where it will be installed on the project.

This document serves as a guide for the end client to visualise their property, and as a visual aid for the team on site.

Door-set packing.

As part of our service, we provide our project hardware packed and labelled into door packs. This service makes the work onsite easier as everything for the door is boxed together and housed in a logical way for the installer. We offer deliveries in call offs with each box clearly labelled for the specific door and listing what is included in each box.

This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of products getting lost or damaged on site.

Hardware specification training.

Our specialists are available to assist you and your teams with training which includes an overview of architectural hardware, finishes, bespoke design and the processes for specifying for a project. If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact us.