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Bespoke Hardware
& Lighting.

“Detail and passion reside at the centre of everything we do, this has allowed us to develop extensive knowledge, inspire greatness and become experts in our field. This should be reflected in every point of communication that we make.”

John Harwood,

We are passionate

Passionate about what we do and exist to bring our clients vision to life. Given the nature of the products and services that we offer, being unique is inextricable to our brand. In line with this, we tailor our approach to each individual project and client in order to best meet their needs, whilst still adhering to our core set of elements. As free-thinking innovators, we must always challenge the status quo by saying ‘yes’ where others may have previously said ‘no’ and make a product as practical as it is beautiful. After all, bespoke is the pinnacle of luxury.

Further Information

Every day we are working on bespoke projects for clients all around the world, they can either be:

  • Client lead – Development of a clients idea that has already been drawn to some degree
  • JG lead – Being trusted with a bespoke design commission from scratch with no initial input from client other than details on the property


The types of bespoke commissions vary in size and scope:

  • Completely bespoke products that are 100% original
  • Custom sizes and adaptions to our existing products
  • A complete suite of bespoke products throughout a whole property including hardware, lighting and other metal products.
  • A one off piece for example a feature centre door knob.

What we are not comfortable with:

  • Designing products without any information as to the door or wall that they will be installed on
  • Special finishes for door hardware can be a challenge because of the amount of actual handling a door handle receives
  • Our in-house design team are trained to produce both 2D working drawings and 3D renders, followed by 3D low-resolution prototyping or an actual metal sample so that products can be checked in detail and signed off before going to full production.

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