VO811.46 - Joseph Giles

VO811.46: Solid brass quadruple gang electrical ‘VELO’ plate 148 x 178mm- 6 rocker switches


The Velo Collection seamlessly merges power, beauty, and functionality, drawing inspiration from the velodrome. Crafted with precision from solid brass and featuring a 3mm thick main plate, it showcases sleek lines and flawless finishes.

The design of the Velo Collection embraces the concept of marginal gains, inspired by the success of the British cycling team.

Each element is optimized for performance, from the seamless curved rocker to the tactile toggles and embedded dimmer knob all beautifully tied together with the halo design element, inspired by the sprinter's lane, evokes a sense of motion and energy.

Mounted on a 3mm solid brass plate with honed edges provides a crisp yet softened aesthetic.

With customisable options and matching finishes, Velo empowers you to create a bespoke space that harmoniously blends elegance and control, elevating it to the pinnacle of electrical accessories.



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Available Finishes


The Velo Plate, Halo, and Switches are meticulously crafted using the highest quality solid brass. Each piece undergoes a detailed hand-finishing process, showcasing the superior craftsmanship inherent in all Joseph Giles products.

The quadruple gang plate works offers greater configuration for different lighting schemes and controls from one hub.

These items are individually supplied, featuring concealed fixings for a sleek and seamless appearance. The recommended box depth for installation is 35mm and the quadruple plate works with two bs4662 double gang boxes, and they are designed to operate with a supply voltage of 250V AC.

The available options allow you to control not only lighting, but home automation and doorbells:

Two-way switch: A two-way switch, also known as a single-pole, double-throw switch, allows control of a single electrical circuit from two different locations. It is commonly used in staircases, hallways, and large rooms where you need to control a light or device from two different switch positions.

Intermediate switch: An intermediate switch, also referred to as a three-way switch, is used in conjunction with two-way switches to control a light or device from three or more locations. It provides additional control points, allowing you to turn the light on or off from multiple positions within a circuit.

One-way Momentary (OFF-ON) switch: A one-way momentary switch, also known as a push-button switch, is designed to be pressed momentarily to establish a connection and released to disconnect. It is commonly used for applications such as doorbells, alarms, or momentary lighting control, where a temporary activation is required.

Two-way Momentary (OFF-ON-OFF) switch: A two-way momentary switch combines the functionality of a one-way momentary switch with an additional position. It typically has three states: off, on (when pressed), and off (when released). This type of switch is often used for applications such as motorized devices, where you need control over both the activation and deactivation of the device.

Please be aware that due to electrical regulations, this product is exclusively available for the UK market.