DBZW: Dark Bronze Waxed - Joseph Giles
DBZW: Dark Bronze Waxed

DBZW: Dark Bronze Waxed

Base Material: Brass
Finish Type: Living


This is brushed brass, with a hand applied dark antique effect treatment which is then finished with a wax coating. The processes involved in creating this finish take considerable time and effort. A chemical is applied, worked into the brass and then extensively polished. The process is repeated several times to develop layers of dark bronze tint until the depth of dark bronze is achieved. It is finished with a light coating of beeswax.

What will happen over time:

This finish is as dark as it will ever be, however, it will subtly change over time during the cycles of wear and patination. In areas where the piece is frequently used, the finish will appear more like mid antique brass waxed until the natural patination gradually makes the piece darker and so on and so forth.

Where can it be used:

We recommend that this finish is used in internal areas, avoiding highly chlorinated environments such as swimming pool areas. This finish can be used in sheltered external areas, although it will patinate faster, and will need regular maintenance.


Wipe clean with soft lint free cloth. This finish is not compatible with chemical-based cleaners, soaps or abrasive materials. We recommend that after cleaning; a coating of good quality beeswax is applied. Click here to take a look at our short clip on how to use beeswax polish on our products.

Finish examples.