The Tiro Collection - Joseph Giles

The Tiro Collection

Organic door and cabinet hardware by Joseph Giles in collaboration with Studio Indigo.

Hand-casted organic door and cabinet hardware.

The tranquil rock pools that grace the Italian landscape were the inspiration behind the Tiro collection. Carved into the bedrock by centuries of flowing water, these natural basins are mirrored in the stepped detail of each piece.  Meaning ‘pull’ in Italian, “Tiro” speaks to the function as much as to the fluid motion of water. 

Created in collaboration with Studio Indigo, we’ve designed these pieces of hardware to be more than just points of contact; they are conversations with nature, a daily interaction with the art that’s formed from the earth’s own natural processes. 

Through Tiro, users pull open more than just doors; they unveil an experience, a connection to the elemental artistry of the world. 

Crafted entirely from solid brass or bronze, the weight of each piece was carefully considered throughout the design process. As a result, the range encompasses smaller interior hardware elements like cabinet handles, pulls, and door knobs. 

These materials and the process of hand-casting lend a heavy quality and a distinct texture to each piece.  Available in ten different finishes, with living and plated options, you can configure your hardware selection to fit seamlessly into your design scheme. 

This collaboration has allowed us to venture into the realm of organic design, and we hope you enjoy exploring the collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it. 

How to specify the new Tiro Collection


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