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Residential Development

The complete refurbishment of a stunning four-storey Chelsea home.

This endeavour was part of a complete refurbishment of a stunning four-storey Chelsea home.

In typical Chelsea style, the home was traditionally and beautifully designed, yet the homeowners wanted to modernise their space. Together with the architect and property developer, we sought to transform this home with the highest standards to match this prestigious London district.

Keeping our goal in mind, we chose our Arlington handle, known for its classic Art Deco appeal, and paired it with sliding glass doors, allowing for a beautiful mix of modern and contemporary design to shine throughout the property. We finished the handles in our dark bronze waxed finish, allowing for a deep colour that will beautifully develop over time and use.

Using our bespoke design service, we also ensured that each piece was custom made with matching thumbturns and release sets, as every detail counts in delivering the best possible end result.

The result was a beautiful home that responded exactly to the client’s needs and expectations.

We offered a full hardware scheduling service, site visits and project meetings at every step of the project to ensure maximum visibility for the client and our team. The home stands out for its daring mix of contemporary and classic design, making it truly customised to the owner.