New Build Residential Property - Joseph Giles

New Build Residential Property

A new north London house, built from scratch.

Following the demolition of the existing building, this new north London home, which still retained its Victorian stucco front, was to be built from scratch.

Given the scope of the project, we worked alongside an Architect, Interior Designer, Contractor, Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager and Developer in order to make it as efficient as possible.

Often, a design scheme will have a set colour palette for ironmongery, which will be used throughout the property. However, this occasion proved to be different, as we supplied a variety of products in different colours and textures to match the bold scheme of the property. As such, we provided our Darlington lever handle in a variety of leather wraps, including our rare shagreen material, which not only added a beautiful colour, but a pop of texture as well.

We also mixed hardware sets, providing a set that was finished in our brushed nickel on one side of the door and our dark bronze waxed on the other, thus allowing each room to have a truly unique look. Besides our textured shagreen, we provided a mix of leather and glass pieces, adding a variety of not only texture, but materials too. To finish it off, we offered bespoke solutions, such as special hinging and lock mechanisms to suit the extra-thick internal doors.

Although the house blended in with its Victorian surroundings on the outside, the inside proved to have a beautifully eclectic design that reflected the homeowner’s vision perfectly.

Throughout the project, we provided a detailed ironmongery schedule, routine site visits, attended client meetings, provided sample handles in their requested finishes, and produced sketches and CAD drawings for bespoke items.

As a result, we were able to consistently understand and make real the client’s wishes; being a part of creating a home that is truly remarkable.