Contemporary 5-Storey Townhouse - Joseph Giles

Contemporary 5-Storey Townhouse

The complete re-modelling and extension of a 5-storey townhouse.

This ultra-modern five-storey townhouse was being completely remodelled and extended, including the creation of a basement level and adding a garden, leaving only the original roof and facade remaining.

We worked closely with a top architect, contractor and the end-client to ensure the production of a modern marvel.


In order to achieve the sleekness and edge that a modern aesthetic requires, we created bespoke products in polished stainless steel in order to achieve maximum shine. This included luminous sliding flush handles and window sashes, ensuring that even tiny details looked cohesive to the grander design scheme.

We also supplied products from our Cube range, one of our most minimal and bold designs, which paired excellently with the stainless steel.

Additionally, we provided our Dowson handle, a range known for its sharp edges and smooth surface. The products were a huge part in ensuring the modernity of the home was showcased, leaving no stone, or door knob, unturned in the process.

The end result of this home ended up being one of our favourites simply because of the scope of its attention to detail and sheer beauty.

This showstopper of a house certainly creates a bold and forward-thinking statement, and we were very pleased to offer our services to its creation.


Our complete and visible hardware schedule and ability to deliver the bespoke products in a timely manner allowed for this project to run incredibly smoothly, to everyone’s delight.