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Studio Indigo Collaboration

Creating a collection of organic hardware.

About Studio Indigo

Founded in 2005 by Creative Director Mike Fisher, Studio Indigo has garnered a reputation for impressive luxury design and yet distinctive character, successfully paired via a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing interior design, architecture and estate management. The Studio has worked on a range of prestigious projects within the UK and across the world with a luxury portfolio extending across a diverse range of sectors including residential, commercial developments, yachts and aviation.


In 2022, the Joseph Giles and Studio Indigo design teams came together to create a new range of interior hardware.  Using hammered metals and precious materials, the aim was to create a striking jewel-like ironmongery collection with a strong connection to organic forms. 

Originally inspired by a Parisian art installation made of coloured glass and metal, we began to look at the accidental art created by natural processes as our ideas evolved, finding ourselves drawn to the Italian landscape, particularly the crater lakes in the Laghi dei Piani of the Dolomites. 

Prototypes and testing

As prototypes were created and tested, the most successful method we discovered was to sand cast the shapes, making a unique die to achieve the rugged texture, and forming the blanks out of iron. 

Initially considering a glass inlay to mimic the lake water, practical tests led us to a more rugged, natural aesthetic, where the distinct markings and texture of each piece can truly be appreciated. 

The collection

Crafted entirely from solid brass or bronze, the weight of each piece was carefully considered throughout the design process. As a result, the range encompasses smaller interior hardware elements like cabinet handles, pulls, and door knobs. 

This collaboration has allowed us to venture into the realm of organic design, and we hope you enjoy exploring the collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it. 

Tiro Collection

We’ve designed these pieces of hardware to be more than just points of contact; they are conversations with nature, a daily interaction with the art that’s formed from the earth's own natural processes. Through Tiro, users pull open more than just doors; they unveil an experience, a connection to the elemental artistry of the world.

Large Door Knob

Cabinet Handle

Long Cabinet Pull

Cabinet Pull