Here are a selection of our most popular metal and leather finishes. Please note these are for reference only, and that the colours and textures are representative only due to the limitations of screens and electronic media. Due to the high proportion of hand finishing of our products, natural variations will occur and add beauty to each finished piece.


Metal Finish Options

Plated finishes

Plating is a manufacturing process in which a thin layer of metal coats a substrate, in our case usually brass. This is both decorative (to achieve the desired finish visually) and functional (for example to protect the base metal and provide corrosion resistance). These finishes include chromes and nickels.


‘Living’ Metal Finishes

Unlacquered brass and bronze finishes are known as ‘living finishes’ as the surface will age beautifully with time and use, and every piece will develop its own individual character.


Solid surfaces

These are where the surface is the base material, with polishing or brushing effects. These include stainless steel and brass finishes.

CODE: PN Polished Nickel
CODE: BN Brushed Nickel
CODE: PC Polished Chrome
CODE: PBW Polished Brass Waxed
CODE: BBW Brushed Brass Waxed
CODE: MABW Mid Antique Brass Waxed
CODE: DBZW Dark Bronze Waxed
CODE: SSS Satin Stainless Steel
CODE: PSS Polished Stainless Steel

Other Finish Options

Leather and Shagreen

The leather or shagreen is applied by highly skilled and experienced craftsmen in our UK workshop. The leather we use is bridle leather, Bridle Leather refers to the way that a piece of leather (cow hide) is finished at the tannery. Bridle leather has both the Flesh and Grain side of the leather stuffed with greases and finished with wax. This is generally a labour intensive process and only the best grades of leather are treated like this, it would be uneconomic to treat poor quality leather in this way.

You can be sure that every leathered item you receive has been stitched with meticulous attention, and every seam and edge is beautifully finished and extremely durable. Hand stitching is a traditional skill, and is the strongest and hardest wearing method possible. Each piece of thread used is waxed by hand with natural beeswax which gives extra strength and holds both the leather and thread firmly together for a lifetime of use.

CODE: JGL01 Leather - Dark Brown
CODE: JGL02 Leather - Antique Brown
CODE: JGL03 Leather - Dark Tan
CODE: JGL05 Leather - Black
CODE: JGL06 Leather - Antique Black
CODE: JGL10 Leather - Warm Grey
CODE: JGS02 Shagreen - Brown
CODE: JGS03 Shagreen - Warm Grey

Important notice to international buyers and specifiers

Welcome to Joseph Giles, we hope you enjoy browsing our exclusive product lines. At present, all our cabinet handles, sliding door furniture, edge pulls and accessories are suitable for global projects, however, door knobs and lever handles will require compatible locks and latches.

We have designed a solution to this which will be available in the near future, however, in the interim we recommend that you speak with one of our specialists to ensure compatibility prior making an order.

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