Collett-Zarzycki - Joseph Giles

Collett-Zarzycki Collaboration


We are honoured to continue our long-standing relationship with architectural design practice Collett-Zarzycki.  

Since their establishment in 1987, Collett-Zarzycki have created some of the most spectacular residences in London and the UK, as well as high-end homes across Europe, America, and the Far East. They are renowned for a keen attention to detail and mindful use of stylish and distinctive materials, commissioning bespoke fixtures, fittings and furniture to instil a sense of quality and uniqueness in their projects.  

“When we had the idea for a classical contemporary collection of ironmongery, our first thought was to call upon the expertise of Joseph Giles, specialists in creating superlative furniture hardware,” said Collet-Zarzycki founding partner Anthony Collett. “We are united by a progressive, flexible and innovative approach, respecting tradition and craftsmanship as well as reflecting contemporary attitudes.”


Collett-Zarzycki came with ideas inspired by the opulence of Eastern Europe in the early 20th Century. Notably the works of pioneering architects Jože Plečnik and Adolf Loos, who had hands in the establishment of the Vienna Succession movement of the period.  

Both the stairway of the Plečnik-designed National and University Library of Slovenia in Ljubljana and the façade of the Looshaus in Vienna featured huge marble-clad columns, which informed the design concept of the Joseph Giles CZ lever handles.


The bold artistic vision from Collett-Zarzycki was made a reality by our design team’s technical nous. Although the veins in fine Italian marble afford a marvellous decorative quality, there are natural fault lines and thus difficult to work with. We were able to create an innovative engineering solution to ensure our marble elements would stand the test of time.     

The lever handles also contain our unique inner rota-bearing sprung rose mechanism to guarantee an assured feel of operation every time, without worry of wobbles or drooping that commonly affect such hardware.


Collett-Zarzycki’s latest collaboration with us has given rise to the CZ range of lever handles, door and cabinet pulls. The focal point of all these products is the shaft made from the finest Italian marble or from glass.     

Marble choices of White Onyx, Green Guatemala, Red Laguna and Black Portoro give jewel-like finishing touches, perfectly complementing a luxurious design scheme. 

Joseph Giles Managing Director, Giles Harwood, noted: “Using marble was a first for us. It’s taken the finished product to a new level of luxury. We very much enjoy working with the visionary designers at Collett-Zarzycki and look forward to the next project”. 

Discover more information and product images of the CZ range by clicking on the thumbnails below. 

CP1105: 'CZ' T-Bar solid brass & marble cabinet pull

LV1096: 'CZ' Solid brass and round marble lever handle with unique inner-rose system

LV1097: 'CZ' Solid brass and marble lever handle with unique inner-rose system

DP1053.SGL: 'CZ' Single solid brass & marble door pull handle

DP1053.PR: 'CZ' Pair of solid brass & marble door pull handles

DP1050.SGL: 'CZ' Single cranked solid brass & marble door pull handle

DP1050.PR: 'CZ' Pair of cranked solid brass & marble door pull handles

HK1021: 'CZ' Solid brass & marble garment hook

CP1106: 'CZ' T-Bar solid brass & glass cabinet pull

LV1141: 'CZ' Solid brass and round glass lever handle with unique inner-rose system

DP1054.SGL: 'CZ' Single solid brass & glass door pull handle

DP1054.PR: 'CZ' Pair of solid brass & glass door pull handles

DP1051.SGL: 'CZ' Single cranked solid brass & glass door pull handle

DP1051.PR: 'CZ' Pair of cranked solid brass & glass door pull handles

HK1020: 'CZ' Solid brass & glass garment hook