10th July 2015

Workshop wanderings #1

Workshop wanderings #1

It’s always interesting – and often inspiring – to check into the workshops at Joseph Giles, and it gives an insight into the culture that pervades the whole establishment.


This one caught my eye this week as a typical example of oneĀ of our core values: INNOVATION. Mr Julian, a veteran problem solver in our operations team, was carefully assembling a batch of new Hex Suite cabinet handles. However, the tool he was using to carefully wind on the legs didn’t look like one I’d seen before, and a closer look revealed why: to protect the handle’s lustrous polished nickel finish the plier tips were softened by thick rubberised finger tips cut from a brand new pair of safety gloves!


Our assembly and quality control areas go heavy on soft surfacing, with rubber matting on benches and floors to make sure that our products are protected at every step of their journey through operations, and this is a great instance of the team’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.

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