2nd May 2017

We interview Robert Gluckman, partner at Gluckman Smith Architects

We interview Robert Gluckman, partner at Gluckman Smith Architects
How did the collaboration with Joseph Giles come about?


As a practice, we are interested in the craft and process of making and Joseph Giles quickly demonstrated a similar interest. The directors  showed great enthusiasm to collaborate on developing this new product with us.
Where did your inspiration for the collaboration with Joseph Giles come from?



Our objective was to create a very tactile door handle which was practical and a pleasure to touch. A key source of inspiration was the grip design used in traditional shotgun manufacturing.

What’s your creative approach?


All our projects begin with a thorough investigation of the brief. Our designs emerge from an adherence to the requirements of function coupled with consideration for the inherent qualities of each site or environment.
What materials did you use?  Brass, finished in dark bronze
What kind of design schemes were the cabinet handles designed for?


They will appeal to someone who is particularly conscious of and sensitive to touch, materials and build quality.
Are there any particular buildings you love?


The National Museum of Roman Art in Merida, Spain by Rafael Moneo is a great building.
Textures you like and don’t like?


We try to work with textures from natural materials as far as possible. The surface of the door knob is composed of tiny ridges and together they should look and feel lovely.
Trip that most inspired you? A recent trip to Tokyo. It is a huge city, but it is very dense and there is wonderful care and detail everywhere you look.
What catches your eye when you first walk in a room?


Whether in a derelict house or a newly built office, a narrative about the space begins to unfold as soon as you enter, which can be fascinating.
What should people be generous with in a room? Windows, ceiling height and properly weighted doors.
What’s your favourite environment to create for?


The way our buildings relate to their landscape is a significant part of the design. This is about really understanding the context. 

For more information on Robert’s work, please visit and @gluckmansmith on Instagram. To see his new collection with Joseph Giles, click here.

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