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26th February 2019



Left uncovered, a certain rugged charm emanates, especially when paired with streamlined, modern furniture in contrast.  In a sense, this blank canvas offers up a range of possibilities, as it goes with every colour and design scheme and is a perfect choice to deliver both rustic and minimalist designs.


Here at Joseph Giles, we love the look of untreated walls, and offer a range of products which would pair wonderfully with them. Our designs are versatile and varied, making sure you have a range of options helping you to deliver the perfect design for your client.  Here’s just a few which we believe would pair well against an untreated wall:


Huntingford door knob DK1004

This door knob achieves the same delicate balance of rugged and polished charm that a bare wall provides. Its solid brass body provides strength and robustness, whereas its smooth lines and circular design gives it a refined appeal. It is available in seven beautiful finishes, from a gleaming chrome to an aged dark bronze making this a perfect choice for any untreated wall, especially brick.



Montgomery Lever Handle LV1142

This handle was inspired by and emulates the texture found on motorbike handles, not only to provide a firm grip, but also for their beautiful aesthetic.  This design process that boldness and finesse can work together in perfect harmony. The overall result of this design would pair wonderfully well with a minimalist or contemporary design scheme and would pair well against an untreated wall.



Solid Bronze Molten Cabinet Pull CP1043

The Molten Texture collection is inspired by the beauty of hardwood timber patterns, which we have recreated using traditional casting methods.  Many of Joseph Giles’ products are inspired by nature, and so, we believe that this handle would be a wonderful complement to a stone wall, another natural interior element.  The combination of textures will also create visual interest and add a unique touch to any cabinet.



“For me, the most beautiful buildings and spaces are old and rich with patina – brick walls and exposed beams show us how the building is held together, which adds an industrial charm and satisfaction that can’t be matched. However, as a product designer and lover of exquisite objects and materials, a heavy, mirror-polished, flawlessly smooth brass handle is about as good as it gets.

I personally love the juxtaposition of a rugged brick wall next to the gleaming shine of polished brass or chrome. That modern luxury at a small scale serves as a perfect interface with the larger, rougher surroundings, creating a unique connection with a building, and turning what some would call imperfections into absolute perfection.” – Felix Ure



Our team of experts are skilled in working around any design scheme, including untreated walls. To view our full collection please visit , or contact a member of our team who are on hand to assist you.

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