27th October 2016

Sculptor Turns Her Attention to Cabinet Handles

Sculptor Turns Her Attention to Cabinet Handles

We are very pleased to announce our new collaboration with sculptor Cathy Azria of BD Designs.


Inspired by organic forms and natural materials, Cathy works with a wide range of architects, interior designers and clients to create striking sculptural fireplace installations, tables and sculptures.


Launching this month, Cathy has created a range of cabinet and drawer pulls with Joseph Giles. Bespoke miniature sculptures, the Olympus and Roma cabinet pulls are handcrafted and cast in solid bronze, resulting in a duo of distinctive and tactile pieces that add artistic character to any design scheme. As Cathy explains,


 “I wanted something that was luxurious but with soul to it. The weight and feel of Olympus and Roma makes them playful pieces. It is the part you touch, so you are reminded of its subtle beauty every day. I even love them as individual ‘objet d’art’ on my coffee table.”


These new products are available in a range of beautiful finishes, including white, green Verdigris, dark bronze and light bronze. The green Verdigris adds a vibrant touch of colour, the white brings clean, sculptural detail, and the bronze patinas provide warmer tones to add depth and texture.


Discover Cathy’s inspiration and approach in our interview here, and click on the links below to view the full product listings:


Olympus Cabinet Pull CP1127


Roma Cabinet Pull CP1128

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