17th February 2016

Refined detail on new lever handle

Refined detail on new lever handle

Our new handle, LV1108, was initially inspired by the bar and clasp concept, but it wasn’t until John Harwood, the veteran product designer, added his touch to the handle with the subtle recess detail that we really felt that this product had come to life. It had proudly earned the mark of a Joseph Giles product.


The prototyping and design process quickly moved forward with a few small tweaks to the dimensions making the product aesthetically balance within its proportions. It was passed onto the operations team to use our unique workshops around Great Britain to manufacture the product.


The lever calls out for a simple or contemporary room set to harmonise the understated character it holds although it also carries itself in vogue with a range of interior styles allowing for many different applications.


Since the internal launch of the item on the 16th Feb, this has gained immense traction in the marketplace and looks to be a popular favourite in the Joseph Giles Collection. Even though this can be supplied in any of the Joseph Giles plated finishes, it is the brushed brass version of the product that has really gained attention among our clients so far.


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