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Like many great designs, the FT1030 was born out of a lack in the home hardware industry: matching components. So often, hardware designers only consider the main finished product and forget about the small fixtures that go with it. Surely, as we attest, the fixings, like screws, should be equally as harmonious to the overall aesthetic.

And so, the FT1030 was conceived by our design experts, crafting a range of beautiful screws that are extremely complementary to our products. Not only do the screws come in a variety of fine metal finishes, like brush brass waxed and polished nickel, we went above and beyond to ensure that they could fit across our large range of cabinets by designing custom snap-off points to suit the different designs. At Joseph Giles, we believe it’s the little things, like handles and screws, which make a big impact on how your home looks. Gone are the days of mismatched items; the FT1030 is one small step in making your cabinets look beautiful, and one big leap for the world of industrial hardware.

FT1030: Solid Brass Cabinet handle fixing bolts in decorative finishes

Decorative solid brass M4 Cabinet handle fixing with break off points to suit doors up to 28mm thick. When installing the bolts the door or draw will require a 4.5mm hole, the screws can be trimmed to size with a good set of crimping pliers. The BBW fixing is for PBW and BBW handles, the PN fixing is for PN, PC and PSS handles, the BN fixing is for BN and SSS handles and the DBZW fixing is for DBZW and MABW handles.

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Metal Finish:

  • Brushed Brass Waxed

  • Polished Nickel

  • Brushed Nickel

  • Dark Bronze Waxed

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