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  • DS1025

Product Story

The beautiful circular motif on this door stopper was inspired by the decorative cases of antique pocket watches. From the 16th Century to World War I, pocket watches were in vogue. Almost every man carried one of these practical accessories, fastened with a delicate chain often looped through the buttonhole on a waistcoat, in order to keep track of the passing day. The pocket watch is a veritable symbol of invention, man’s pursuit of time and how to measure it a constant evolution to this very day. This model was a convenient and practical way to tell time while on the move, and although not as popular today, it remains a symbol of class and elegance.

This door stopper seeks to revive this beauty by way of a luxury accessory for a design scheme. Like the pocket watch, it is compact, appealing and very practical. We know that the ironmongery is a small part of a design scheme, however, it is these little accents and touches which elevate the design scheme and has a hand in bringing a theme together.

DS1025: Solid Brass Floor Mounted Door Stop

Solid brass floor mounted doorstop with a dense rubber buffer. Available in all our signature finishes.


Sold as single items with fixings.

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Metal Finish:

  • Dark Bronze Waxed

  • Mid Antique Brass Waxed

  • Polished Chrome

  • Polished Nickel

  • Brushed Nickel

  • Polished Brass Waxed

  • Brushed Brass Waxed

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