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This handle is inspired by the bar and clasp design; often found on fine jewellery.  The bar loops through a circular clasp, securing the item in place.  This is emulated in the handle’s design, which features the motif of a bar passing through a circular form on the upper base of the handle.  John Harwood, our veteran product designer and director, added his special touch to the product, allowing an indentation at its end, which adds a real flourish to the piece. With such refined detail, it can fit into any design scheme seamlessly, subtly garnering attention for its beauty.  Brushed brass is the most popular for this handle, but will look stunning in any of our finishes.

CH1079: 'Montgomery' Solid Brass Cabinet handle

Finest grade solid brass cabinet handle from the Montgomery family. Made and finished by hand, these items come in two sizes and in all our living and plated finishes.


They are supplied as single items with solid brass M4 fixing bolts (FT1030) in a matching finish.

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