• CH1008

Product Story

The ‘Cube’ Collection was designed almost two decades ago, in response to a gap in the market for architects, who, at the time, couldn’t find contemporary ironmongery that was both beautiful and practical.

The ‘Cube’ was one of our first major product designs, nothing like this had previously existed, and its success gave us the confidence in our ability to design and experiment with different materials and styles. While there have been many imitations of the ‘Cube’, we are proud to say that it is truly ours and is ingrained into our history. Its success undoubtedly had a part in shaping the direction of the business, and today we have an unrivalled collection of beautiful hardware and remain focused on innovation and design excellence.

The ‘Cube’ persists as one of our most popular products and is a testament to our understanding of classic contemporary design. Over the years the range has expanded to include lever handles, cabinet pulls, and the ever-popular edge pulls.

CH1008: 'CUBE' Solid Brass Cabinet handle

Crystal glass ‘Cube’ cabinet pulls mounted on a solid brass base and available in all our signature finishes.


They are supplied as single items with solid brass M4 fixing bolts (FT1030) in a matching finish, and an anti-rotation pin.


**Please ensure that glass and crystal products are kept away from direct sunlight and flammable materials**

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Metal Finish:

  • Brushed Brass Waxed

  • Polished Brass Waxed

  • Polished Nickel

  • Polished Chrome

  • Dark Bronze Waxed

  • Mid Antique Brass Waxed

Product Code

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Code A B C Unit Select
CH1008.01 96mm 106mm 31mm Single Unit
CH1008.02 128mm 138mm 31mm Single Unit
CH1008.03 224mm 234mm 31mm Single Unit
CH1008.04 288mm 298mm 31mm Single Unit
CH1008.05 576mm 586mm 31mm Single Unit