Bartlett Family



The Bartlett range, sharing the same name as the famed Bartlett School of Architecture in London’s University College London, was crafted with attention to architecture, fusing traditional concentric patterns with a contemporary cylindrical design. Joseph Giles understands the necessary marrying of form and function, and with this knowledge, created this collection.


The simple geometry of concentric circles and clean lines are the hallmark of the Bartlett family. The contemporary design will coordinate effortlessly across a space for a pleasing, modern aesthetic, with subtle nods to traditional design classics. The beauty of this design is that individual pieces will stand out on their own, or you can combine the collection for a holistic scheme.


We started the collection with the cylindrical LV1058 lever handle which was very successful with architecture and interior design practices, and so cabinet pulls and a doorknob swiftly followed. More recently we’ve added floor and wall door stops, as well as centre door knobs.


Each piece is made from the finest grade solid brass and hand finished in all our standard finishes