Sometimes less is more; while wallpaper and paint can add a lovely pop of colour or design to a space, sometimes it’s what lays underneath the surface that proves to be just as beautiful: Brick, stone, or any other raw material used to make a wall.

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26th February 2019


Too much ornamentation and furniture can often clutter a room, …

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14th November 2018


Brass, a combination of zinc and copper, is known for its beautiful and bright countenance, which is almost gold-like. As such, it serves as a wonderful adornment for homes and buildings.

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14th June 2018

London By Design: A Visual Map of the City’s Architecture

London, home to over 8 million people and one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, combines many different styles of architecture in its landscape; reflecting its varied and ever-changing climate.

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5th April 2018

Glass Menagerie

A selection of our glass offerings

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13th March 2018

Marble: Leaving no Stone Unturned

It’s no secret that Joseph Giles adores marble, both for its fine aesthetic and ability to transform a space.

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2nd March 2018

Collett Zarzycki for Joseph Giles

Collett-Zarzycki, a respected London architecture practice, and Joseph Giles, leading designers and manufacturers of luxury architectural ironmongery, have partnered to create a stunning range of marble door and cabinet furniture for super prime developments.

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14th February 2018

Holiday House London

Our review of Holiday House London

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15th December 2017

Abigail Ahern’s World

We take a look into the world of Abigail Ahern

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21st November 2017

Skyscrapers: 6 Women Who Have Redesigned the World of Architecture

A study conducted last year in the United States indicated …

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3rd November 2017

Introducing our latest Knurled Cabinet Ware

We are delighted to announce the addition of cabinet ware to our Knurled Montgomery collection

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26th October 2017

The Barbican; London’s Concrete Jungle

Read Isabelle Thibault’s account of the Barbican Walking Tour

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27th September 2017

Joseph Giles wins an International Business Award

Joseph Giles wins Silver Stevie Award in 2017 International Business Awards

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15th August 2017

Introducing our latest centre door knob designs

These stunning statement pieces will add the wow factor to any entrance door.

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24th July 2017

It’s the little things that matter

A few weeks ago, I was in the warehouse looking at some bespoke cabinet handles which had just arrived, and it got me thinking about a real bug bear of mine – mismatched items.

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14th July 2017

Catching up with Casa Forma

We recently caught up with Faiza Seth, CEO and Founder …

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26th May 2017

Our latest design collaboration with Gluckman Smith Architects.

New Gluckman Smith design added to the Joseph Giles range

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2nd May 2017

We interview Robert Gluckman, partner at Gluckman Smith Architects

We interview Robert Gluckman of Gluckman Smith Architects to discover the inspiration behind their new design collaboration with Joseph Giles.

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2nd May 2017

Contrasting new designs, with intriguing cultural references

The Joseph Giles design team love the contrast in form between our two new cabinet handles, fresh from our London workshop and launched this month.

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29th November 2016

Handcrafted Textures: New Cabinet Ware

The first newly launched products of our textured product range

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27th October 2016

Sculptor Turns Her Attention to Cabinet Handles

Sculptor Cathy Azria works with Joseph Giles on new cabinet pulls

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27th October 2016

An Interview with Cathy Azria of B-D Designs

We interview Cathy Azria of B-D Designs to discover her inspiration for the new product range with Joseph Giles and her thoughts on design.

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26th October 2016

Making a Subtle Statement: Textured Products in Development

Joseph Giles design team develop beautiful new products

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4th October 2016

Creative Connection #4

Inside the mind of …. Staffan Tollgård

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2nd October 2016
31st August 2016
Demystifying Ironmongery #3: Our Guide to Locks and Latches

Demystifying Ironmongery #3: Our Guide to Locks and Latches

Welcome to our series on demystifying ironmongery, where we investigate …

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31st August 2016

The boldly angular Harrison collection: new cabinet ware

New Harrison Cabinet Products added to the range

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28th July 2016

Demystifying Ironmongery #2: Our Guide to Door Closers

Welcome to our series on demystifying ironmongery, where we investigate …

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28th July 2016

The classically elegant Huntingford collection: our new product family

New Huntingford Cabinet Products added to the range

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30th June 2016

Joseph Giles goes Social

From Twitter to Instagram, we are now on all social media platforms – talk to us!

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30th June 2016

Demystifying Ironmongery #1: Our Guide to Locks

Welcome to our series on demystifying ironmongery, where we investigate …

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21st June 2016


New Rathbone lever handle added to the range

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20th May 2016

Architectural Influence on Product Design

Principles of architectural practice influence product design, and how Joseph Giles incorporates some of the key tenets of architecture into the design process.

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11th May 2016


A journey through the thoughts of…Felix Ure

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9th May 2016


Complementing the Fowler Door Knob

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28th April 2016

Creative Connection #5

A journey through the thoughts of…Aaron Hammett

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25th April 2016

Interior Design and Ironmongery Trends in 2016

The R&D team at Joseph Giles take pride in being ahead of the curve when it comes to great design.

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20th April 2016

Saving Space: Simplifying Sliding Door Gear Specifications

Helping you make your sliding door systems perform

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31st March 2016

Introducing our new round flush pulls

Excellence in design and comfortable to the touch.

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21st March 2016
25th February 2016

Refined detail on new lever handle

Less is more with the design of this new product

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17th February 2016

10 door hardware horrors to avoid

Rules that should never be broken when it comes to specifying door hardware

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28th January 2016

New hammered lever handle

Deep hammered solid brass lever handle

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26th January 2016

The impact of door details on hardware

How door design can determine architectural hardware decisions

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10th November 2015

Creative Connection #2

Inside the mind of ….. Leah Fraser

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29th October 2015

New ‘lightbulb’ cabinet pulls

Contemporary pulls inspired by a familiar profile

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20th October 2015

It’s all about the door

Simplify and improve the project process

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13th October 2015

New Ribbed Flush Pull

Beautiful new sliding door flush pull

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24th September 2015

Creative Connection #1

Inside the mind of …… John Harwood

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15th September 2015

The Bank of Good Ideas

How new products progress from concept to creation

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8th September 2015

New Classic Range of Complementary Knobs, Pulls and Handles

New product family based on one of our best-selling products

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28th August 2015

Bespoke centre door handles

Special entrance door handles created to match interior door knobs.

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15th August 2015

New sleek lever handle

New elegant ‘swan-neck’ handle for classic interiors

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10th August 2015

Imagery to speed up specification

Making the selection and specification process simpler

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28th July 2015

Workshop Wanderings #2

Patterns on the quality control benches

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24th July 2015

How you’ll benefit from our product ‘wish-list’

Save products for consideration and obtain quotes for specifications

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22nd July 2015

Workshop wanderings #1

Innovative use of gloves to protect our finishes.

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10th July 2015

Hex product suite – new products

Cabinet handles and pulls added to ‘Hex’ suite

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30th June 2015

Inspiring and supporting designers when specifying for projects

Our customers input to our website improvements

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26th June 2015

Curves + texture

NEW hammered oval door knob

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28th May 2015

Operation ‘Premium upgrade’

Continuing improvements in our operations areas

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5th May 2015

New slim version of our ribbed lever handle

Hours of development time results in the perfect curve.

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28th April 2015

New ridged oval door knob

Our latest beautiful modern classic.

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3rd March 2015

We love brainstorming sessions…

JG Team members get together to drive improvements

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2nd March 2015

New floor door stops

Ringed, stepped and classic design door stops now available.

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25th February 2015

New cabinet hinges

Hinges for fine joinery now available.

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9th February 2015

New classic oval handle

Elegant oval door knob available in plated finishes.

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30th January 2015

We believe in training

Team members develop their presentation skills

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14th January 2015

Joseph Giles at [email protected] London

Directors at Olympia event to show innovative pivot.

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2nd January 2015

There’s more to our NEW website

At last the new Joseph Giles website is launched – and there’s a lot more to come, too.

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17th December 2014

New stepped edge pulls

A new ‘Deco style’ version of our popular edge pull cabinet handles

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28th November 2014

Operation Mini Plant

The JG Operations team visit the MINI Plant in Oxford

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6th November 2014

Joseph Giles Limited

Joseph Giles becomes limited company.

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1st November 2014

NEW Wedge lever

Sleek new contemporary lever handle added to our JG Collection

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30th October 2014

New classic cupboard pulls

3 new sets of beautifully detailed cabinet pulls

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30th September 2014

Filming at JG

Joseph Giles chosen for global consulting firm case study

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23rd September 2014

New rolled texture handles

Beautiful, distinctive hammered/rolled finish now available in a new lever handle design.

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28th August 2014

Dark bronze + stark white.

We like! Creative use of dark bronze hardware in a white contemporary setting.

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1st July 2014

2014 Year end update

Last day for despatch, year end closure and re-open dates

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12th December 2012