31st August 2016

Our New Sleek and Simple Bartlett and Archibald Cabinet Ware

Our New Sleek and Simple Bartlett and Archibald Cabinet Ware

We are excited to announce the launch of two new products, the Bartlett Cabinet Handle and the Archibald Cabinet Handle.


Perfectly proportioned, the Bartlett Cabinet Handle it takes its design inspiration from one of our bestselling products, the Bartlett Door Knob. Designed to boast an elegant feel, its classic lines and exemplary detailing fit perfectly with any interior design scheme.


The new Archibald Cabinet Handle features a rounded look, clean contours and an ergonomic finish to ensure a comfortable hold.


Made of solid brass, and handcrafted in the UK, we combine innovative design, a dedication to excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring each product functions at its best time after time. For many interior design projects, consistency is key across the design. Our new cabinet handle is designed to complement the following products within the Bartlett product family:




The new Archibald Cabinet Handle is designed to complement the Archibald Door Knob:


Archibald steel bronze cabinet knob


Both the Bartlett and Archibald Cabinet Handles, and their associated products, are available in a range of plated finishes – including special finishes to order.  The polished chrome and polished nickel provide a high shine for a modern feel, whilst the dark bronze wax and mid antique brass finishes provide warmer tones to add depth and texture. The polished brass wax gives a luxurious and warm feel, and the brushed nickel adds a softer tone and sculptural detail to any room.


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