6th November 2014

Operation Mini Plant

Operation Mini Plant

In our quest to continually improve, our key operations personnel booked a tour of the MINI manufacturing plant in Oxford, UK. Plant Oxford is the birthplace and heart of MINI production. Manufactured to individual customer specifications, hundreds of MINIs leave the plant’s assembly lines each day, off to meet new owners in 108 countries around the world. The object was to experience a state-of-the-art modern factory in full flow, and to gain ideas and knowledge to incorporate in the operations department at Joseph Giles.


Our guide was a veteran employee of 52 years and a walking encyclopaedia of all things MINI. He gave us a tremendously educational and in-depth tour which opened our eyes and showed how ‘out-of-the-box’ they were, with so many different and unexpected ways to do things, while remaining ultimately streamlined and lean.


“The experience lifted our sights to a view of up-to-the-minute, state of the art manufacturing processes, which has given us inspiration and fresh motivation to further develop our own systems and manufacturing processes and indeed our complete working environment. We all came away totally enthused and ready to move up to a whole new level of service!”


In all, we heartily recommend the tour. Visit the MINI website for more information:

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