November 26, 2015

Stephen brings supply chain and production excellence to the team

Stephen has almost 30 years’ experience in Supply chain and manufacturing, experiencing operations in South Africa, Asia and Europe.


Stephen enjoys a creative environment and believes that there is brilliance in simplicity and the immense power of a synergised team. He believes that a successful operational environment should strive towards what he likes to call the ‘big 5′:


“consistently deliver, the right goods, at the right time, at the right place, at the right cost and in the right condition.”


Stephen says he looks forward to working with the wider team during an exciting time, and is really enjoying the values the company embraces.


Asked if he had a favourite quotation or reference point, Stephen replied that he always references Nelson Mandela,  who said, “Everything seems impossible – until it’s done”. Stephen also embraces the simplicity and ethos of  “work hard, be nice, have fun”

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or call 020 8680 2602

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