May 5, 2015

Operation ‘Premium upgrade’

Continuing improvements in our operations areas

In a follow up to last year’s ‘Kaizen’ event – whereby our operations areas were radically overhauled in a massive efficiency drive – our operations team recently launched and completed a new initiative they code-named ‘Premium Upgrade’.


In line with the Joseph Giles culture of continuous improvement, this extra effort involved a lot of small detail projects to maximise flow, effectiveness of space and general productivity using ‘lean’ principles, in view of both improving both our service to our customers and the general working conditions.


Things like shadow boards for the tools, bins for components and packaging, and rubber matting, combined with re-organisation of the goods in, quality control, assembly and racking areas, and a fresh coat of paint on floors, walls and woodwork, all contribute to an increase in output and accuracy.

“It was great to see the whole team getting involved in the warehouse improvements. Everyone pulled together and worked really hard to get the areas to a standard we can be very proud of.” Matt Saunders, project team leader.

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