July 14, 2017

It’s the little things that matter

A few weeks ago, I was in the warehouse looking at some bespoke cabinet handles which had just arrived, and it got me thinking about a real bug bear of mine - mismatched items.

It bothered me that despite the detailed consideration that goes in to a design scheme, when it comes to cabinet handles, almost always, the screws don’t match the colour scheme. The visible part is the screw head (which lives on the inside of the drawer or door), and for the most part, people won’t pay much attention to it. However, Joseph Giles is all about the small details, as we know, it’s the little things that make the difference for our discerning customers and their projects.


The idea of matching the screw finishes to the hardware was firmly in my mind, although, given how many options there are for cabinet door thicknesses, it wasn’t plain sailing. We needed to develop a universal screw which could be adjusted to suit the various door widths. This screw just didn’t exist – so we created one – with custom snap-off points to suit all cabinet ware. These universal screws now come as standard with all cabinet handles in all the standard Joseph Giles finishes. We’ll be rolling this out across other cabinet ware items in the coming weeks. It’s just a small change, but we think it makes a big difference.



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