November 17, 2015

Creative Connection #3

Inside the mind of ...... Joe Harwood

Joe Harwood is a Sales Director at Joseph Giles, working closely with the team on several large and prestigious development projects.


Buildings you love 122 Leadenhall Street (aka The Cheesegrater) – even though it’s had some negative publicity – and The Shard are both dominant buildings in London’s skyline.
Textures you like and don’t like   Like: Polished plaster, polished concrete..Dislike: Hessian, polystyrene and plastic.
Favourite all time colour scheme Simple, white / grey natural wood.
Trip that most inspired you New York, USA – the culture and sheer size of everything! The friendliness, openness and enthusiasm of the people I met throughout my visit, but also their enthusiasm for the Joseph Giles brand and products.
Whose personal style you admire  I meet so many people, and see so many completed projects; one thing that always strikes me is the amount of talent there is. I see projects by under-recognised designers/architects that are outstanding.  The best practices to work with are the ones that are very strong about what should and should not be done; they are the ones that are prepared to walk away from a project because what the client is requesting or cutting back will not fit with their brand. That to me is admirable.
What catches your eye first when you walk into a room Natural light, modern art and ceiling height never fail to make an impression on me.
What should people be generous with in a room Natural light and space – clever ways to let as much light in as possible.
If you’re on a tight budget, where can you save money You can make savings with good choices in M&E decisions, and I’d be looking to wall coverings as an area to save in.
What would other people say your favourite saying is My sayings revolve around teamwork, and the basic belief that ‘together, everyone achieves more’.
To give some context, a brief bio of who you are, recent projects etc Sales Director at Joseph Giles, I work closely with the team on several large and prestigious development projects, many of which we can’t share due to confidentiality.  Whilst it’s a shame not to be able to talk about our involvement, we would rather be involved in the projects than talk about it for vanity’s sake.




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