20th October 2015

New ‘lightbulb’ cabinet pulls

New ‘lightbulb’ cabinet pulls

As we’ve often mentioned, our designers find inspiration anywhere. These new products – known in the office as ‘the lightbulb range’ were clearly inspired by the familiar everyday shape. However, as is often the case, the clean, simple lines were deceptively complex and took many many refinements to get exactly right, with many 3D prototypes produced before official sign-off.


That was only a step in the journey of product development, however, as manufacturing proved challenging. Again the seemingly simple design tested our workshops to produce a product that could pass our stringent quality control and receive the Joseph Giles stamp of approval and the whole process from end to end covered a timeline over several months.


Machined from solid brass, and plated in such popular finishes as dark bronze, polished and brushed nickel, and antique brass, this design is available as two sizes of cupboard pull as well as a functioning door knob – perfect for contemporary and classic residential interiors.


View the cabinet pulls here, and the door knob here.

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