26th January 2016

New hammered lever handle

New hammered lever handle

A new simple lever design with our popular deep hammered texture


Our range of deep hammered cabinet hardware is very popular, and this has led us to designing a lever handle to match.


A ‘rustic contemporary design’, our new lever is a handle of contrasts, featuring the unusual juxtaposition of the hammered face with the smooth flat square edged stem and rose. The almost minimalist lines ensure the texture takes centre stage visually.


As usual, although the final design looks simple and straightforward, a considerable amount of time went into the development.


From the design side, many 3D prototypes were made to ensure such aspects as the proportions, comfort in the hand, functionality and so on were just right. This included details such as the slightly rounded back of the hand grip – something that can’t really be seen, but certainly can be felt in use. Many critical eyes demanded adjustments of sometimes as small as half a millimetre to reach as near to perfection as we can.


The result? A simple and comfortable handle with a beautiful and varied texture, totally designed and manufactured in the UK. It is available in the usual Joseph Giles plated finishes to give a variety of different looks. In polished chrome and nickel, the surface pleasantly reflects the lighting of the interior to mirror the ambiance of the room. When used in the dark bronze or antique brass finish, the handle takes on a more rustic look and offers rich visual warmth with the rippled and straight edges of the handle converging in vertexes of soft tone and sculptural detail.


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