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Polished Brass Waxed

Polished Brass Waxed

Finish Code: PBW

Base Material: Brass
Finish Type: Solid


A mirror finish solid brass surface, with a thin coating of clear beeswax for protection. The metal undergoes a lengthy hand polishing process to achieve this finish.

What will happen over time:

This will begin as a bright highly polished finish. Over time, it will naturally patinate, darkening and dulling to develop its own individual character.

Where can it be used:

We recommend that this finish is used in internal areas. It can be used externally, although will patinate faster, and will need regular maintenance.


If your preference is to allow the piece to develop its own character, simply clean with a soft lint free cloth and warm soapy water. If you want to preserve the original finish, clean with a good quality brass polish, and follow with a light application of beeswax. Take a look at our short clip on how to use beeswax polish on our products: