2nd March 2018

Marble: Leaving no Stone Unturned

Marble: Leaving no Stone Unturned

With the recent launch of our marble collection, a collaboration with Collett Zarzycki, we have incorporated this beautiful stone into a range of covetable architectural jewellery, including lever handles, door pulls and cabinet ware which is available in four marble colours.


As well as these products, there are many additional ways to incorporate this luxury material into your design scheme, here are some of our favourite ideas:


Marble Walls:

Marble floors have been a classic since antiquity; emitting an impressive degree of elegance and luxury.  However, on a wall, the beauty of marble becomes even more dramatic; serving as a perfect backdrop for a bedroom, bathroom or living space.  We feel this stunning trend will remain popular throughout 2018, having already gained traction on Pinterest and Instagram.





Marble Bath:

Forget the porcelain throne; it’s all about the marble bath. A marble bath adds a real wow factor in a design scheme. Whether its carved straight or curved, marble is durable and versatile commanding attention regardless of where it’s used. A marble tub transforms bath time into a more decadent experience that it already is.




We have a range of products that we believe would pair well with all sorts of marble, from our marble offerings through to our solid brass designs.  With our vast collection of unique products, finishes and styles, we are confident that you will be able to incorporate our products with the fine aesthetic of marble, as it so deserves.


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