26th October 2017

Introducing our latest Knurled Cabinet Ware

Introducing our latest Knurled Cabinet Ware

We are delighted to announce the launch of  CH1075 and CP1107 to our Knurled Montgomery collection.


The Montgomery design began with the LV1108 lever handle, which was inspired by the bar and clasp design often found in jewellery, in which the bar loops through a circular clasp to secure the item in place. This is emulated into the handle’s design, which features the motif of a bar passing through a round form on the upper base of the handle. John Harwood, our veteran product designer, and Director, added a special touch to the product – an indentation at the end, adding a tactile flourish.


Motorbikes inspired the Knurled Montgomery design, and the first product in this collection was the LV1142. Applying a knurled texture on the classic Montgomery design offers an entirely different look and experience. The piece mimics the texture found on bike handles which provides a firm grip and command on the road. Combining the classic elegance of the LV1108 and the boldness of the LV1142, the knurled Montgomery offers the best of both worlds. Following the success of the lever handle, we designed a T-bar cabinet pull and a cabinet handle to add to this collection.


These new products add a beautiful accent to any space; offering the prestige of one of our most popular designs. The handles would pair well with our other Montgomery products but are versatile enough to fit into a range of different design schemes seamlessly.

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