24th July 2017

Introducing our latest centre door knob designs

Introducing our latest centre door knob designs

Introducing the Joseph Giles centre door knob collection, featuring the Bartlett, Fowler and Huntingford designs.


Entrance door knobs make an impressive statement on a project and are the main focal point of a front door. Our customers, particularly London based practices, have seen a rise in popularity for these show-stopping pieces, and recently asked our team to create more designs for their projects.


We are always looking to respond to the needs of our customers quickly, and as such, have made them part of our standard product range. These new additions complete three product families and provide a selection of complementary items to support an entire scheme, ranging from lever handles to cabinet pulls. These items are made in solid brass and are available in all the standard Joseph Giles finishes.


Giles Harwood, Managing Director of Joseph Giles said “Door furniture is an essential part of a refurbishment and is a vital component when bringing together a design scheme. Centre door knobs are a focal point on the front door and provide the first impression for the whole building. We often hear people say that the door handle is the hand shake of the building, and we intend to give your clients the best welcome


For more information about centre door knobs, please do get in touch with our team who will be happy to assist you.

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