20th April 2016

Interior Design and Ironmongery Trends in 2016

Interior Design and Ironmongery Trends in 2016

Working closely with interior designers and architects means we have our ears close to the ground when it comes to design styles and inspirations. In this article we recap some of our popular products for 2015, and which trends are dominating interior design and ironmongery in 2016.


A recap of what was popular in 2015


Our best-selling products in 2015 reflected the key trend of sleek, architectural design. Towards the end of the year, we saw an emphasis on simplicity, form and function which meant that simple, fresh architectural products such as our Wedge Lever Handle (product code LV1005) and Fonteyn Lever Handle (product code LV1045) were, and still are popular with architects and interior designers.


2016 On-trend Design Inspirations


We focus on 4 key luxury design trends dominating interiors and ironmongery design in 2016, including the continuation of the use of metallics, architectural products, and a return to eclecticism and artisan craftsmanship.


  1. Form, Shape and Lines




“A return to a search for clarity”

Richard Meier, Richard Meier & Partners Architects


The popularity of architectural products has continued into 2016. Simple, timeless design emphasises the interplay between form, shape and lines, and keeps spaces simple, clean and fresh.


The great thing to do is refining and distilling it to the best things that speak to you and removing the rest.”

Miles Redd, Miles Redd


Ironmongery products within this trend are defined by modern, cutting edge statement design complemented by finishes that provide a warmer opulence such as mid- to dark- brass or polished nickel for a contemporary feel. Sliding doors are also part of this trend to create clean lines and save space.


Key Joseph Giles products:


LV1005 Wedge Lever Handle

LV1045 Fonteyn Lever Handle

EP1003 Cube Edge Pull Handle

SF1049 Recessed Pull


  1. Metallics




“For 2016 we see the emerging trend towards brass and warm gold-tones gathering pace and the popularity of copper, bronze and rose-coloured hues continuing”.

Hilary J White, HJ White Interior Design


2016 has seen a continuation of 2015’s key trend of metallics. Copper, bronze and antique brass were very popular in 2015, and this year we are seeing an increased use of soft warm-toned metals, including golds, copper and rose gold.


The mixing and layering of these metals warm up a space and diffuse light around a room, creating natural elegance for any project. Metallics are teamed with a softer, pastel paint palette, including this year’s hottest shade Rose Quartz, which acts as a soft backdrop for statement furniture and ironmongery.


An accompanying trend, particularly for kitchens, is the use of matt black stainless steel appliances and accessories.


Joseph Giles are currently running tests on various options to respond to the trends. However, if your requirement is outside the range of JG standard finishes, we can offer a bespoke service to suit your requirements.


  1. Mixing it Up




Mixing materials, textures and styles for a more eclectic feel has been big in the design world this year. Interior designers have been using a variety of opposing or different styles to create truly personalised spaces, as well as blending both modern and traditional styles.


What I see are more eclectic interiors in the truest sense of the word: interiors that reflect individual interests and a wide variety of styles, all brought together in a personal, non-formulaic mix, with an emphasis on quality and detail.”

Elissa Cullman, Cullman & Kravis Inc


Joseph Giles products are being used to great effect by interior designers here, through the mixing of different finishes and styles of products in the same spaces, and the increased use of our bespoke design and customisation service.


  1. Made Locally, Sourced Globally




“Artisan goods are getting more popular as buyers are consciously driven towards purchases that support small businesses. Locally made and sourced globally, artisanal products can be mixed with mass produced items as well as with vintage finds”.

Jenny Kakoudakis, Seasons in Colour


The trend for artisanal products continues to grow reflecting a desire for items in the home, handmade textures and a touch of human craftsmanship.


This direction combines with a revival of using natural fibres and textiles, organic shapes, handcrafted fixtures and accessories.


Ironmongery design has reflected this through a move to more tactile surfaces and textured finishes, where handcrafted methods used contrast effectively with contemporary forms and plain metals. Knurled products are also becoming increasingly popular as a result.


Key Joseph Giles products:


LV1098: Wentworth Lever Handle

LV1047: Rolled & Hammered Lever Handle

CP1013: Deep hammered Cabinet pull

DK1037: Wilkinson Door Knob



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