26th June 2015

Inspiring and supporting designers when specifying for projects

Inspiring and supporting designers when specifying for projects

The belief in a client-focused service is a central tenet of Joseph Giles. Interior designers and architects can be assured of the company’s endeavours to fulfil their requirements with a minimum of fuss yet with complete integrity. Joseph Giles is rightfully proud of its extensive product collections and unique designs, though we understand that such a substantial range can be difficult to navigate when specifying project work. It is therefore our aim to offer assistance to designers at each stage of the process. In a recent client survey for Joseph Giles led by integrated ideas agency Savvy & Victor, feedback highlighted our proactive nature in fulfilling our client requests. Sample feedback quotes include: “I just give them [Joseph Giles] the specification and they work out the schedule, it’s much more time efficient”… “The specifications can be too detailed for my needs, although I’m glad JG [Joseph Giles] are doing all the thinking [as] I don’t need all that detail but my joiners do”.


For us, working to present our product range to clients in a manner that is most effective and efficient is a continual pursuit. The company’s deep-rooted expertise in the hardware industry ensures it is a trusted resource by many specifiers involved with high-end projects and developments across the world. Nevertheless, when specifying for their varied schemes, such designers expect a level of service that affords little inconvenience or difficulty, whilst appreciating that hardware products are handmade/bespoke (so inevitably increasing lead times).


Recognising that specifying for a project is often time-consuming and at times stressful – after-all interior designers have clients that they need to satisfy and impress – Joseph Giles strives to support designers throughout the process.  Below are introductions to some of the features of our website which, using the feedback of our customers, we know will offer time-saving routes to product selection and inspiration.



Firstly, appreciating that seeing the various hardware products in situ gives insight into scale as well as a product’s characteristics, Joseph Giles has curated a series of case studies that incorporate a range of residential, hospitality and commercial ventures. Each case study provides an overview of particular products as applied to high-end interiors environments. It is hoped that such visually documented projects will act to inspire interior designers, showcasing the diversity of hardware solutions and prompting questions/thoughts around design, materials and fittings.  Our case studies, photographed by Interiors Photography London, can be found here.



Secondly, in striving to support interior designers as they specify for projects, Joseph Giles has included a function on its website that enables designers to create a hardware project wish list. Within these project wish lists, specifiers will have access to further product images and technical details with which they can build a list of potential products. We believe project wish lists are a helpful tool to inform discussions with colleagues, request samples and even place a final order. Create a new Project Wish-List here.



Thirdly, Joseph Giles is fully cognisant of the fact that hardware is a necessary component of a project as well as a technically demanding one. We don’t expect the designer to be a hardware expert and so we are here to offer a guiding hand with our comprehensive expertise. Along with the product descriptions there are technical drawings and tear sheets that can be downloaded, printed and shared with colleagues and contractors. In addition, digital product images are available and ready for use in presentations. Scrolling down on a product page will show any complementary products such as door stops, cabinet pulls or pull edge handles.


Hopefully that’s given some food for thought about how we can help you but, at Joseph Giles, thinking around the services we provide to interior designers is constantly evolving.  With further tailored content and more insights on the way, watch this space or sign up to our newsletter here to ensure you keep up to date.

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