28th July 2015

Imagery to speed up specification

Imagery to speed up specification

Obviously we are all people who delight in the visual.  It’s how we choose to express ourselves so poring over glorious interiors photography is definitely one of the best bits of the job.


After speaking with a number of our interior design and architect clients, we have created an Inspiration Gallery of images which we believe will help to make the process of selection and specification of our architectural hardware products even simpler.


We are always grateful for our clients’ generosity in allowing us to photograph finished design projects, and it is this that has enabled us to create the gallery.  Showing the products in situ enables designers and specifiers, as well as their clients, to get a good understanding of scale as well as how the finish performs in real situations – and this in turn helps to speed up the process of reviewing products, discussing options and obtaining client approval.  In situ images also help when briefing joinery contractors and can eliminate the chance of costly errors.  View the Inspiration Gallery now or read on about the different functions.

The Functions


The gallery has a search function which allows you to limit the images to only those that are necessary at that time, whether that is door knobs or lever handles, residential or commercial environments, kitchen or living room, cabinet pulls or window latches.


Inspirational Gallery Hardward Product Filter


When reviewing the images, there are three immediate actions you can take

–          Enlarge the image to allow for a closer view

–          Expand the pod to be able to see the details of the products featured

–          PinIt to your Pinterest board



Inspitational Gallery


When you find a product that might fit your brief, follow the product links.   You’ll then see product details including size, materials, product sheet and technical specifications.  You can also add products with potential to your wish-list for further consideration, sharing with colleagues or to send to us for a fast quote.  You can find out more about using wish-lists here.

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In addition, we are also uploading our gallery images to our new Pinterest account – we are just starting out and will be adding more boards and pins over the coming months.  Come and get on board!


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