22nd July 2015

How you’ll benefit from our product ‘wish-list’

How you’ll benefit from our product ‘wish-list’


Why create a product ‘wish-list’?


  • Reduce time in product selection
  • Quick access to product sample requests
  • Quotes quickly obtained directly from your wish-list


At Joseph Giles we appreciate that interior designers and architectural hardware specifiers manage a large number of components as part of a project, maintaining both a holistic view and giving consideration to many finer points. Our intention is to support interior design professionals when specifying hardware for a project, whether that is bespoke door handles for a new hospitality project or a cabinet handle for residential cabinetry. In doing so, we have included the option of creating a project product ‘wish-list’ on our website. This is an area where the interior designer or specifier can think about their various hardware requirements and simply add products to a project as they browse. It is essentially a helpful way to visually “note down” any product that might be appropriate to a particular project and also allows you to request product samples or a quotation at the click of a button.


The wish-list acts as a perfect starter for discussion about ironmongery products with colleagues and relevant parties. It can be tailored without difficulty and is an efficient time-saving tool.


Step by Step to create a wish-list


Creating a new project

Before establishing a project wish-list, registered users will first need to login to the members’ area here.


1. JG Login page


Image: Login page.



New users will need to register for access to the Joseph Giles online product area and wish-list functionality here. This gives you access to the full site, including our product catalogue, price guidance and product sheets as well as the ‘wish-list’ function.  Don’t forget to click the box to remember your password then, next time you visit, you’ll login automatically.


2. Registration page C


Image: Registration page.



Having logged-in you will now have access to our new 2015 product area. Here an interior design professional, specifier or architect can view all of our hardware products, search for specific products and create a new project. In order to create a new project and begin forming a wish-list, scroll down to the “create a new project” tab. On this page you will find a practical step-by-step guide to generating a successful hardware project. Click on the “create a new project” tab and give your project a name and a description.


3. Create new project C

Image: Create a new project.


Choose to view/edit the project and from here you are able to view/add products, so building a wish-list of the handles, door pulls and knobs, window fittings, even sliding doors that fit your design brief.





Image: View/edit the project.



Searching our product catalogue

Products can be searched using a keyword or model number and specified by category, metal finish and other finish. Hovering on a product image reveals a star in the top right-hand corner. This allows you to mark an item as a favourite; products can then be sorted by favourites.


5. Mark item as a favourite C


Image: Mark item as a favourite.



Adding ‘wish-list’ products

Clicking on a product that is of interest will provide access to a gallery, a technical drawing and a product information sheet (both of which are easily downloadable so you can share them with your joinery contractor). After viewing and selecting options and a finish, a code for specifying the product is provided along with a price bracket.



Image: Adding a product to a project.


The product can then be added to a project including the quantity required. Choosing “clear” will return you to the product listings. In addition, it is possible to request product samples for any project.


Getting a quote

Whenever you are at a point where you would like to receive a quote for a project, simply provide a completion date, project location and any additional relevant details and/or architectural drawings and submit that to our customer teams in London at the click of a button.


 7. ÔÇ£The BakeryÔÇØ project product list C


Image: “Eaton Square” project product list.



Image: Requesting a quote.


At Joseph Giles we value the interior designer and architect’s need to ensure that every element of a project fits and works accordingly. Our intention with the project wish-list function is to provide a service that fosters creativity and enables the freedom to play with ideas. We set great store by the ability of our hardware products to augment and complete an interior space. Choosing these products cannot be arbitrary or left to chance and we wholly respect the necessity for care and accuracy in the process of finalising a project.


We would encourage you to try-out our project wish-list functionality when you are next thinking about putting together your next ironmongery specification, and to get in touch with any comments or questions.

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