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29th April 2020



With Covid-19 working its way across the globe, we’re now all far more aware of what we touch. We’re washing our hands more often, trying to avoid touching our faces, and using gloves wherever we may deem necessary. And we’ve realised that what you touch matters, as well as how often. Studies show that Coronavirus will linger on plastic surfaces for 9 days, stainless steel for several weeks, ceramics for 5 days, and glass for 4 days.1 But, on copper alloy metals such as brass, coronavirus is rapidly inactivated at room temperature.

A recent paper stated that using brass ironmongery in communal areas and those used for mass gatherings could significantly reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus and other similar infectious diseases.2 These products are a long-term investment to protect employees and members of the public from the future spread of the disease. Covid-19 has undoubtedly opened our eyes to the problem. Simply using a different material in future projects could mean a lasting legacy of better hygiene and security for everyone. In fact, one study showed that “Coronavirus was inactivated in 40 minutes or less on brasses.” Compare this to days of lingering germs on other materials, and you’ll see why this is such an exciting discovery.

Stopping the spread of coronavirus is incredibly important and gives all of us a common purpose, and here at Joseph Giles, we’re privileged that we can help by providing solid brass products that help to rapidly inactivate the virus. Furthermore, by not applying a lacquer to the brass means that we let nature run its course, and the brass to break down bacteria in its own unique way.

Our brass handles and pulls can all be supplied with a full suite of hardware, including hinges and locks in a matching finish, so there’s no need to compromise on aesthetics. Brass ages naturally without losing its virus-fighting properties, but it is worth considering which type of commercial cleaner to use in order to preserve the finish. The best finishes for maximum hygienic impact are listed below.  Many of our designs are clean-cut and contemporary, suiting them to professional environments where hygiene is important, such as healthcare spaces and offices.

Best Finishes for Maximum Hygienic Impact

  • PBW – Polished Brass Waxed
  • BBW – Brushed Brass Waxed
  • PBN – Polished Brass Natural*
  • BBN – Brushed Brass Natural*
  • BCO – Brushed Copper*
  • PCO – Polished Copper*

* Please note that these are living finishes and will naturally oxidize over time

1 Source: University Medicine Greifswald
2 Source: Human Coronavirus 229E Remains Infectious on Common Touch Surface Materials Research Article

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