25th February 2016

Hardware schedules a nightmare? Not for us.

Hardware schedules a nightmare? Not for us.

Anyone with experience in the process of constructing or renovating a high end residential project will be well aware of the complexities that can surround one of these projects and the attention to detail that is required to ensure the project is a success.


With nearly 20 years’ experience of providing architectural hardware to the likes of Candy & Candy, Staffan Tollgård, Martin Kemp and Darling Associates, the Joseph Giles team can be trusted to take on the responsibility of supplying the architectural hardware to these kind of projects.  Our aim is to make the lives of architects, interior designers and contractors easier, reduce their stress levels and help them avoid potential pitfalls that could cost the project money.


Scheduling hardware can be technically demanding, and time-consuming but it is part and parcel of our job, and we are specialists at it.  For those who choose a specialist to do a specialist’s job, Joseph Giles has a number of ways to support you throughout the hardware specification process.


·         Expert advice and project consultations

·         Bespoke and design process

·         Hardware scheduling

·         Pictorial scheduling

·         Door-set packing



Expert advice and project consultations


We have helped many designers bring their ideas into reality, from specialist locks for 3m high doors, bespoke pivots to help accomplish tricky joinery details and custom manufactured handles to help achieve the required statement.  We also see it as our duty to advise when an idea may not actually be practically achievable, and offer up alternative solutions for consideration.


Bespoke and Design Process


Whether you require a one-off bespoke statement item or you have a development project that would benefit from a handle designed specifically for that development, we can help you form the initial concept, visualise it in 3D drawings and renders, create prototypes from our in-house 3D printers, all the way through to the final, signed-off rapid pre-production sample, and obviously the final supply.


Hardware Scheduling


Our experienced staff work from detailed construction plans and door/window schedules to ensure every hardware item required for every door and window has been correctly specified, and all items are compatible and will match.  Through the creation of this schedule, any pitfalls and conflicts will be pre-empted.


Pictorial Scheduling


Once we’re certain that we’ve got everything included in the technical schedule, this pictorial version is another of the options available.  A visual representation of the items in the schedule can be helpful, not least of all for talking through with clients – it’s certainly a lot easier to get your head around than a technical schedule if you’re not used to them!


Door-set Packing


Our invaluable service packs together all the individual hardware required for each door or window.  With clearly marked individual packs, together with the technical schedule, the process is simplified for the joinery guys, and this helps to save time and errors.  For large projects, deliveries can be called off in different floors or areas.


With your next project, be confident in taking advantage of our specialist knowledge so you can free up more of your time to focus on those elements which really deserve your attention.


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