13th March 2018

Glass Menagerie

Glass Menagerie

The appeal and allure of glass is timeless, dating back to ancient times. Many ancient civilisations used the material in their jewellery, mirrors and ornaments to decorate their homes, and was a favourite material of the Mesopotamians. The beauty of this material is not lost on us, and as such, we have a range of beautiful glass offerings to help add a decorative element to your space. The incandescence of these products has made them a client favourite, and, like the vast timeline of glass proves, it’s appeal is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are some of our beautiful glass pieces:

CP1091 T-Bar Cabinet Pull



This handle, as its name implies, is constructed in a ‘T’ shape for both aesthetics and a better grip. Designed for cabinets, it will add a delicate and contemporary touch to your space.

CP1056 ‘MIRIAM’ Glass Cabinet Pulls



Looking to expand upon our glass collections, we decided to experiment with traditional cast-iron shapes to create something delicate, yet unique. Out of this desire, the Miriam Cabinet Pull was created. The beautiful shape of the pull is elegant and textured, with a touch of whimsy. Similar to other famous shapes, such as the iconic roofs of the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Russia, this experiment proved that we could create a shape out of glass that would resonate with any astute homeowner. The Miriam is ideal for a more delicate design scheme, as the lightness of glass works best with neutral colours and soft shapes.



CP1016 ‘CLARA’ Etched Glass Cabinet Pull


The Georgian times were monumental in shaping Britain’s history. It was an era revered for its artistic figures, such as John Keats, William Wordsworth and Jane Austen, and during a time that lay on the cusp of the industrial revolution. Many design motifs have persisted from this era (and rightly so, as they are both practical as well as beautiful), such as the reeded motif often seen on ironmongery of this time. Joseph Giles loved this classic design and wanted to emulate it on other materials, such as glass. The way in which this product is made is indeed a spectacle, the glass is shaped using specially designed tools, and the reeding is applied by hand while the glass is molten. The level of craftsmanship and skill that goes into the creation of a Joseph Giles product is unsurpassed, and this cabinet pull is a classic example of this. The CP1016 is our homage to Georgian designs and allows one to bring a special lustre into their space.



CP1061 ‘ENID’ Glass Pebble Cabinet Pull




The polished face of the Enid Cabinet Pull is evocative of a pebble found in a stream or brook; smoothed over years of being under the caress of rushing water. Its crystal form not only merges the two aesthetics of crystal-clear water and a pebble but also lends it an elegance that will permeate in any design scheme. Inspired by nature, Enid brings the native beauty of the outdoors into the fore of the home or interior space. She is elegant, refined, but above all, naturally beautiful.


CP1062 ‘FLORENCE’ Glass Cabinet Pull




After the success of the Enid cabinet pulls, Joseph Giles developed a glass cabinet range that was more elaborate in shape. This beautiful design emulates the form of a flower, adding a delicate accent to any cabinet. The grooves on the handle’s face allow for a tactile experience, and its polished glass is wonderfully smooth to the touch. Simple, beautiful and tactile, this handle emanates sophistication and creates a space that is decidedly more glamorous.


CP1017 ‘CLEMENTINE’ Glass Cabinet Pull




The Clementine range was inspired by antique glass bottle stoppers which were popular in Victorian times. A small, but important detail, the stopper would preserve the alcohol so that it wouldn’t spoil when exposed to the air. The glass bulb at the tip of the stopper was a more elegant and delicate version of the traditional cork, making it popular with high-society individuals that were looking to impress dinner party guests. At Joseph Giles, we often take inspiration from antique products for our designs, yet we give them a modern facelift so that they may fit into both traditional and contemporary design schemes. Despite this, the elegance and beauty of glass is timeless; and the Clementine is a true testament to this.



CP1018 ‘CUBE’ Glass Cabinet Pull



The CUBE was one of our first major product designs, nothing like this had previously existed, and its success gave us the confidence in our ability to design and experiment with different materials and styles. While there have been many imitations of the CUBE, we are proud to say that it is truly ours and is ingrained in our history. The CUBE collection persists as one of our most popular products and is a testament to our understanding of classic contemporary design. Over the years, the range expanded to include lever handles, cabinet pulls, and the ever-popular edge pulls.


CP1064 ‘BETSY’ Faceted Glass Cabinet Pull



When it comes to a space, such as a home or a hotel, there are certain items of furniture that convey luxury. The chandelier is one such item, revered for its delicate crystal ornaments and layered tiers. The Betsy Cabinet Pull is inspired by the crystal baubles that lend the lamp its stunning countenance. The design of this pull allows for one to convey the luxury of the chandelier into other aspects of their space, such as their cabinets. Available in our range of finishes, the Betsy Pull is a piece to be admired.




Why not take a look at our other glass offerings, or, alternatively, our team of experts are always on-hand to answer any questions you may have. Like our glass, we are incredibly transparent, always ready to give you exactly the information you need.

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