9th May 2016



Felix Ure is the Product Development Manager here at Joseph Giles, managing each stage of the development process of architectural hardware, from design conception through to final manufacture and using a broad range of different materials and manufacturing techniques.


Buildings you love I love old warehouses, factories and derelict buildings. The original World Trade Centre, and the Mayan pyramids. The shipping container house on Grand Designs. Ruin bars in Budapest.
Textures you like and don’t like Like:

Velvet, suede, timber, piano black and old floorboards.


The textured plastic that cheap car dashboards are made from.

Favourite all time colour scheme I’m all about the grey on grey, with a splash of grey. I also really like bright yellow stuff.
Trip that most inspired you It has to be driving across Switzerland – it’s got some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. Everything is so clean and just works perfectly – this is the country we should all aspire to be like.
Whose personal style you admire No-one in particular – I believe that you should do what you like. If other people like what you do, that’s great. If they don’t, the design profession isn’t for you.
What catches your eye first when you walk into a room When I walk into a room, I see the size and shape of the room, and instantly plan out how I would arrange and decorate it if I lived there.
What should people be generous with in a room Space. I hate ornaments with a passion – they are pointless wasters of space.
What’s your favourite environment to create for My house. I love to spend a day in my garage making a wacky contraption or piece of furniture. I care more about it because I know it will be mine and I have to live with it. But I also care less about it because it’s mine and I’m the only one who has to live with it!
If you’re on a tight budget, where can you save money You can learn skills that you’re paying someone else to do, learn to do everything yourself. Don’t hire an expert, become an expert.
Blogs to be inspired by All of them. Anyone who has an idea different to you is worth listening to, even if just to tell them that you disagree.
What would other people say your favourite saying is “I’ve got an idea!”



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