29th October 2015

Creative Connection #2

Creative Connection #2

Leah Fraser is an Interior Architect currently working for David Linley as a Lead Designer, specialising in high-end residential and boutique hotels. Recent projects include two floors of suites and a business centre at Claridges Hotel, a members club for residents at Battersea Power Station and a number of large country houses around Surrey.


Buildings you love The Natural History Museum, it is London’s Sagrada Familia, with every inch carefully designed, crafted and sculpted with a different story from the natural world.
Textures you like and don’t like   I love organic textures like split face stone or live edges on wooden furniture, it’s a tactile reminder of where things come from and gives designs an earthy warmth.
Favourite all time colour scheme Pale greys and cold neutrals with brushed brass and a dash of emerald green.
Trip that most inspired you  On a recent trip to Sintra in Portugal I was awestruck by the fairy tale architecture and stunning landscape. It’s like the estates are competing to be the most beautiful and most fantastical.
Whose personal style you admire  Jean Louis Deniot, he has such a cool classic style and makes it look effortless. He mixes traditional Parisian interiors with contemporary detailing and crisp monochrome palates.
What catches your eye first when you walk into a room  Good lighting. Lighting makes or breaks a design as it sets the atmosphere and affects the colour scheme. When it comes to residential interiors the lighting should mostly be from floor lamps and table lamps as warm, low level lighting creates a sense of warmth and domesticity.
What should people be generous with in a room  Colour and wit. These are the elements which make people smile when they walk into a room and give a space character and personality. Jewel tones are great for upholstery or cushions. Antiques and decorative objects add a sense of intrigue and give a window into the life of the space’s owner.
What’s your favourite environment to create for The kitchen, it’s the heart of every home and has to be tailor-made for the client and their lifestyle. The level of detail which goes into the kitchen design outweighs any other area in the house.
If you’re on a tight budget, where can you save money Carefully chosen paint finishes can be just as effective as wallpaper and are very cost effective. You can compensate for lack of detailing due to budget cuts with a great art collection or interesting rugs.
Blogs to be inspired by This is Glamorous, Bodie and Fou and My Domaine
What would other people say your favourite saying is ‘It is what it is’. It stops me wasting time worrying and debating over problems; so many issues arise on interiors projects you just have to find solutions quickly and move onto the next challenge.

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