15th September 2015

Creative Connection #1

Creative Connection #1

John Harwood, Managing Director of Joseph Giles, founded the company in 1998 and named it after his two sons, Joseph and Giles.


Buildings you love The Shard, Hever Castle
Textures you like and don’t like    Like: Polished concrete. Hate: Fake stone renders
Favourite all time colour scheme White, black, chrome and red
Trip that most inspired you 



Pondernosa Italy, 2012 – old village, had time to spare, wandering round looking at everything, old handle patterns, loved the textures, the smells (pizza somewhere?), atmosphere, autumn air, peeling paint, crumbling facades, faint music…
Whose personal style you admire Frank O Gehry
What catches your eye first when you walk into a room The door handle! 
What should people be generous with in a room Space – decluttering 
What’s your favourite environment to create for Still, at heart, it’s got to be minimalistic residential interiors
If you’re on a tight budget, where can you save money Keeping joinery crisp using stock timber sizes and standard doors
Blogs to be inspired by 


Not into blogs, but inspired by trade contacts that go way back such as Lazari Investments and MBH Architects. Also find inspiration in classic car stuff.
What would other people say your favourite saying is “Keep it simple stupid” 


JH composite image





Credits: Murphyz Photography /

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