26th May 2017

Catching up with Casa Forma

Catching up with Casa Forma

We recently caught up with Faiza Seth, CEO and Founder of Casa Forma, an award-winning luxury interior design and architectural firm based in London. In the video, we discuss the importance of collaboration, and the customisation of a design for the Kensington Place project, where luxury and bespoke went hand in hand to deliver the desired finish for the owners.


Casa Forma and Joseph Giles collaborated on a bespoke design which took timber from the doors and incorporated it into the design of the handles, this was a fine example of British Craftsmanship as its very best.


Joseph Giles were delighted to have forged a harmonious relationship with the team at Casa Forma, and share similar design philosophies. We thrive in bespoke projects and welcome the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

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